• FREE Brush and wall GLUE included with your purchase!
  • FREE Brush and wall GLUE included with your purchase!

Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper - WallpapersforBeginners
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper - WallpapersforBeginners
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper - WallpapersforBeginners
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper - WallpapersforBeginners
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper - WallpapersforBeginners
Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper

Chinoiserie Panel Wallpaper

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Create a fascinating atmosphere
I am really happy with how this wallpaper is inspired by the authentic 18th and 19th century designs recreated from our wonderful archive of original hand-painted Chinese prints.

The result is very delicate and not excessively cold. This model is definitely ideal for brightening the rooms you want to keep cool.
In particular, the detail of the plants is marvelous. The colors are elegant and tasteful and will catalyze all your attention.
The background is blue.

👉 Our product is 100% Made in Italy, the country of art and design.

  • The package contains 8 PAPER SHEETS 115 gr.
  • Each sheet measures 27.56" x 39.37" (70 x 100 cm). 
  • Each set covers 59.20 ft² (5.5 mq).

Our wallpapers are made of a special type of paper as the original eighteenth-century English tradition!

Each sheet contains the entire pattern and it's very simple to make them combine.

Along with the wallpaper we will send you a leaflet with all the tips to help you to successfully lay your wonderful print!
Our wallpaper is easy to remove, even with simple steam. You will not mess up your walls.
Enjoy and share your experience with us!

👉 YOU'RE READY TO BEGIN WITH OUR STARTER KIT: you buy the wallpaper, we give you everything you need to lay the paper:

  • Brush
  • Glue
  • E-book and video tutorial

This is our special Gift 4 Beginners. Just make your choice now!

* Note 1: The color of the photo displayed may vary slightly from the monitor to our printer.
* Note 2: Colors of the same item purchased at different times may vary from 5% to 7%.

Historical Overview

During the late 17th and 18th Centuries, the Orient offered a taste of the exotic, a perceived glimpse of an alternative, almost magical, culture known only through the romantic writings of the occasional intrepid traveller such as Marco Polo. Chinese wallpapers played an important part of this 18th Century Fashion for Oriental interiors, providing a rich and colorful setting for prized collections of oriental porcelain, silks, lacquer and other export wares brought over by the East India Companies. Historically, the creation and use of such papers was not a Chinese tradition and research suggests that these were a largely European construct, devised to fulfill the expectations of fashionable clients and their decorators, such as Thomas Bromwich and Thomas Chippendale.

The client often took an unusually active personal interest in their choice and acquisition with wonderful examples surviving in major houses including Harewood House, Yorkshire, Fellbrigg and Blickling Hall, Norfolk, and Saltram in Devon .These gorgeous papers were both printed and painted by hand, using luscious colors such as malachite, azurite and the deep rich crimson of carmine. They must have appeared almost jewel like in their vibrant explosion of detail and color, providing a delightful contrast to the dour formality of wainscot, tapestry and damask and were usually used to enliven private apartments such as bedrooms, dressing rooms and cabinets.The fashion for Chinoiserie gained second wind during the 19th century, inspired by the eclectic exoticism of the Prince Regent and the Royal Pavilion, Brighton.

Examples still survive at the Pavilion, and also at Buckingham Palace in the Yellow Drawing Room on the First Floor, whilst a similar paper hangs at Temple Newsam House in Leeds.By the time of the fashionable “ English Country House Style’ , invented by Nancy Lancaster in 1920’s and 30’s, Chinese Wallpapers had achieved the status of covetable antiques, being sold both as rooms and panels and spawning a cottage industry of talented copyists. Similarly today, we have re discovered the magical beauty of Chinese wallpapers with originals achieving high prices at auction and modern interpretations proving highly desirable. Having conserved so many of these wonderful wallpapers, we are delighted to be able to offer a selection of our favorites including several from The Royal Pavilion and Belvoir Castle as fine art, authentic replicas .


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