Removing wallpaper with steamer without any effort: find out here

Removing wallpaper with steamer without any effort: find out here - Wallpapers4Beginners

Removing wallpaper with steamer: without a doubt, the breakthrough! It saves a lot of time. But read on to find out all the details....

How to remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is tedious and time-consuming, mainly if it has been laid for a long time. Here the steamer comes to the rescue. The steam can remove even the thinnest residue without damaging the walls.

Prepare the work area

The steam dissolves the glue. So even though it is a 100% natural way to remove wallpaper, the remnants will soften and may liquefy, and it is best to cover the floor well to avoid having to clean everything up afterward. It is also helpful to have a container to throw away the remnants.

Remember to cover electrical outlets with electrical tape to prevent liquids from getting into them.

Perforating wallpaper

Punch holes in the paper with a spiked roller, especially if it is vinyl or multi-layered. This way, water vapor will penetrate more quickly, and the glue will dissolve soon. Don't press too hard to avoid ruining the wall.

How to remove wallpaper: let's switch to steamer

Make sure no limescale is present, and fill the tank with hot water to cut the time in half. Then, place the tank on a flat, stable surface.

Place the steam plate for up to 25 seconds on the same spot. The heat will melt the glue, and removing the paper will be a breeze. If there are more persistent areas, repeat the operation.

Wallpaper steamer

In addition to the classic steamer, a wallpaper remover is on the market, which also works with steam. You hold the plate for 30 seconds on one spot, the steam melts the glue, and you can then remove the wallpaper with a squeegee.

If you work in an upside-down position, you must be careful about escaping hot water droplets. It is best to wear long-sleeved clothing, gloves, and goggles, and do not stand under the plate.

Also, read another article of ours to find out how to remove wallpaper without using this tool and according to the material it is made of.

Removing our wallpaper

If you have chosen a wallpaper from Wallpapers4Beginners the process is much faster. In fact, our papers are made of 100% natural paper and you will not need to puncture them to proceed with removal. Our products, in addition to being easy to put down, are also easier to remove.

Tidy up

We recommend that you peel off large pieces to collect them quickly. It is better to do this right away to prevent the paper from sticking to the floor.

Why choose Wallpapers4Beginners?

100% Italian

Each wallpaper is created, designed, and printed by hand in Italy, the land of art and design. We use the highest quality materials and ship our wallpapers worldwide.

Competitive prices

We want our wallpapers to be as affordable as possible. We carefully evaluate the production process, which allows us to set our prices without compromising quality. Each pack contains 8 sheets of 70 cm x 100 cm each, covering an area of 5.5 square meters.

Original design

For our wallpaper, we draw inspiration from both its 12th-century origins and contemporary design. Each one is a unique concept, carefully hand-drawn by us before being printed on paper. We create it with a keen eye for tradition, beauty, and natural materials.

Easy to lay

We wanted our wallpaper to be different from others. It is not made in heavy rolls that need to be cut and with complicated patterns to match, but in practical lightweight sheets that combine perfectly. Everyone can use our wallpaper. You do not need to have experience in laying it. You need some manual dexterity. Be patient, follow the instructions precisely and you will do a great job. We will even give you glue and a brush as a gift!

100% sustainable

Our wallpaper is 100% safe. The entire production process is sustainable, and the final product is disposable and recyclable. Our themes are printed on real sheets of paper with vegan and water-based inks without using solvents. The prints are odorless and can be used safely at home. Even our glue is non-toxic, vegan, and derived from potatoes.

We were inspired by the oldest wallpaper tradition dating back to the 12th century when Europe began importing rice paper from China. Today, it is again possible to print wallpaper on real sheets of paper using modern printers and lighter paper.

Here is the philosophy of Wallpapers 4 Beginners: to promote a production process that cares about the health of its customers and the protection of the environment with a product that is very easy to lay, even for beginners.

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