Remove wallpaper quickly and easily: find out how now!

Remove wallpaper quickly and easily: find out how now! - Wallpapers4Beginners

Remove wallpaper: complex operation? Not! Here's everything you need to know...

How to remove wallpaper

The operation may seem complicated, but it is simple, and no special equipment is needed. All that is required is a bit of manual dexterity, and there is no need to call in an industry technician.

The type of procedure varies depending on the type of wallpaper and the glue used.

Why remove it?

People generally choose to remove it for various reasons:

  • It is ruined and needs to be replaced
  • You decide to remove the wallpaper and whitewash it
  • Change design
  • You want to switch to a different type of wallpaper.

Beware of the current!

Depending on the type of wallpaper, water will have to be used, so the first thing to do is to turn off the power. Then, if there is little light in the room, use a battery-operated lamp or an extension cord to plug the lamp into an outlet in another room.

Second, remove the plastic covers from switches and outlets. Finally, insert a slotted screwdriver into the side of the frame without using excessive force to avoid damaging it; it should come off quickly. Now protect the socket and exposed electrical wires with paper tape. If, on the other hand, the house is still under construction and there are no outlets, fill the holes with newspaper. You will remove it later.

How to remove wallpaper between wall and ceiling

For a precise job, make a separation cut between wallpaper and ceiling. Just use a cutter to make a straight line on the top end of the wall, about 5 mm below the ceiling. You can help yourself with a tape measure.

Remove wallpaper: basic technique

You only need boiling water, a flat painter's brush, and a metal spatula. The water must be boiled to dissolve the glue thoroughly. Otherwise, you can use steam to spray on the wall after sanding it.

You moisten a corner of the wall, wait a few minutes and then stick the squeegee under the paper so that you can lift a flap to pull it off without tearing it.

Removing non-woven wallpaper

Start at the bottom and remove one dry sheet at a time, all in one piece. However, if you don't know what material it is, insert a thin spatula under the edge of a sheet and tear off a small part. If removing it is easy and you see the backing layer fibers on the back, it is TNT paper.

How to remove waterproof wallpaper: vinyl and other materials

This type of paper needs scraping because it does not absorb water. It is, therefore, necessary to make the surface rough using spiked rollers, wallpaper scrapers, brushes with iron bristles, or very coarse sandpaper to penetrate the various layers and get to the glue. Beware of plasterboard walls: only sandpaper can be used here.

How to remove the Wallpapers4Beginners wallpaper? It is very simple

Our designs are easy to remove (from walls and wood furniture). You don't even need a sander to remove wallpaper.

Just add a little warm water with a sponge and peel it off. For more stubborn parts, you may need to add steam. For more tips, check out our video. Removing wallpaper at no cost, as you see, is possible!

Remove wallpaper with steamer

To remove the 1970s or other types of wallpaper, if the wall is brick, you can use all the water you want without damaging the structure. But if it is drywall, it is better to use steam to avoid damaging it.

Refinish the walls

Once the paper has been adequately removed, it is a good idea to freshen up the wall if any imperfections exist before the installation. Protect sockets with gummed paper and see if any cracks need patched.

If the glue has stuck, use a plaster scraper to remove it. Or wet a sponge with warm water and mild detergent to soften the residue.

Now you can plaster and paint the wall. Or choose one of our wallpapers to change the atmosphere of the house!

Why choose Wallpapers4Beginners?

100% Italian

Each wallpaper is created, designed, and printed by hand in Italy, the land of art and design. We use the highest quality materials and ship our wallpapers worldwide.

Competitive prices

We want our wallpapers to be as affordable as possible. We carefully evaluate the production process, which allows us to set our prices without compromising quality. Each pack contains 8 sheets of 70 cm x 100 cm each, covering an area of 5.5 square meters.

Original design

For our wallpaper, we draw inspiration from both its 12th-century origins and contemporary design. Each one is a unique concept, carefully hand-drawn by us before being printed on paper. We create it with a keen eye for tradition, beauty, and natural materials.

Easy to lay

We wanted our wallpaper to be different from others. It is not made in heavy rolls that need to be cut and with complicated patterns to match, but in practical lightweight sheets that combine perfectly. Everyone can use our wallpaper. You do not need to have experience in laying it. You need some manual dexterity. Be patient, follow the instructions precisely and you will do a great job. We will even give you glue and a brush as a gift!

100% sustainable

Our wallpaper is 100% safe. The entire production process is sustainable, and the final product is disposable and recyclable. Our themes are printed on real sheets of paper with vegan and water-based inks without using solvents. The prints are odorless and can be used safely at home. Even our glue is non-toxic, vegan, and derived from potatoes.

We were inspired by the oldest wallpaper tradition dating back to the 12th century when Europe began importing rice paper from China. Today, it is again possible to print wallpaper on real sheets of paper using modern printers and lighter paper.

Here is the philosophy of Wallpapers 4 Beginners: to promote a production process that cares about the health of its customers and the protection of the environment with a product that is very easy to lay, even for beginners.

Discover our bestellers now

Well, you know all about how to remove wallpaper. We hope you enjoyed our article. Keep following us for many more tips!

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