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I will use it in my Powder room in Paris ! So chic

La posa della carta è stata tutto sommato semplice anche per chi come me si è cimentato per la prima volta con questo tipo di “fai da te”. La resa finale è di sicuro impatto. Pienamente soddisfatto.

Your wallpaper brings a big splash of life and colour to our living room - it replaces a very boring brown pattern.


Lovely pal clouds for a sleeping room

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Unfortunately it has taken so long for the samples to arrive in the UK that they are no longer needed

Very easy to apply as the instructions were great and it looks fab!

Beautiful wallpaper! Fun and easy to apply! Can’t say enough! Love!!

It’s a lovely sample, but very expensive and it’s not actual rolls of wallpaper, so will take long to plan out in our difficult space

We ordered the sample which is sizeable. The quality felt good, the design was lovely but sadly not for us.

Splendida carta per qualità e soggetto. Un tocco originale e di classe per valorizzare una stanza della propria casa o anche soltanto un angolo di essa. Facile e divertente da applicare e una sicura resa. Consigliatissima!

Monkeys Red & Blue Wallpaper
cheryl c.

Love the print but am wondering why the ink came off on our hands when we were adjusting the pieces. Our hands were covered !

Beautiful walls

Everything was awesome except UPS. Their scheduled drop off times were not accurate and it was difficult for me to pay the import fees. The paper itself is wonderful.

Great end result but I would have to say this product is not for someone who has no previous wallpapering skills. The paper is tissue thin, hard to cut and pealed off the wall while waiting for it to dry to trim.

Ottimo prodotto

Banana Plant Wallpaper
Ana Ferreira F.

I have ordered a sample and it came in q short period of time.

The glue comes off wenn it’s dry…. Wallpaper ist everywhere off the wall… very disappointed with the Produkt…

Great service, great product, very happy with the outcome

It's beautiful I luv it ...its better in flesh managed to do it all by myself...

I bought this wallpaper to support a (more or less) local business. Beautiful motive and colors. There was easily enough glue and the brush worked quite well for smoothing out the front of the wallpaper. Be aware, tough, that the lines were slightly pixelated. You can see the pixels from around 20-30 cm away. Why not use vector graphics?
When applying the wallpaper it was also really, really hard to avoid slight smearing of the ink with the glue and/or your fingers. (You should avoid getting glue on the front of the wallpaper, but on the edges that's easier said than done.) Depending on where you hang the wallpaper and what motive/colors you get, these problems might not be too terrible, but perfectionists, be warned.

Great concept but the paper creases more than any other I’ve used

Great - shipping was a bit slow. But once received and hung it is amazing!

Was close to impossible to apply. stretched a lot, very thin and narrow strips, different colouring on various strips. Does look nice when you’ve finally spent many hours pulling your hair out😅😅😅