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Modern Industrial Table

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Modern Industrial Table

Such a masterpiece!
Entirely handmade with a marvelous gold stitching.
The work is done completely in Italy.
Table with top in solid wood with gold stiching slats and rounded edges, paired with base with geometric, rigorous lines that is expressed through powerful iron legs with raw finish and visible welding.

Every table is being developed by a single artisan with over 40 years of experience.
The prestigious italian tradition is the basis of every part of process.
From the choice of wood up to finishing.
The processing time is about 40 hours for every table.
Every single piece is a masterpiece and will be perfect for your life.

188cm - 80cm
74,80 inches - 31,49 inches

For 6-8 people.

Also available on request with customized sizes.

Industrial Furniture, Dining Table, Rustic Home Decor, Home Decor, Table, Side Table, Farmhouse Table, Gold Stitched Table, Tailormade Table

Dining Table, Table, Farmhouse Table, Furniture, Gold Stitched Table, Unique Table, Tailormade Table, Rustic Table, Rustic Dining Table

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Modern Industrial Table - WallpapersforBeginners

Modern Industrial Table


100% Italian

Each of our wallpapers is created, designed, and hand printed in Italy, the country of art and design.
We use the highest quality materials and send our wallpaper all over the world.
Nature is at the heart of many of our designs so we wanted to ensure the process is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Competitive Prices

We want our wallpapers to be as accessible as possible.
We carefully consider the manufacturing process, allowing us to set our own prices whilst not compromising on quality.
Each package order contains 8 sheets of 70 cm X 100 cm which can cover a total area of 5.5 m2.

Original Design

Our wallpaper is inspired by both its 12th-century origins and contemporary design.
Each one is a unique concept that’s carefully hand-drawn by us before being printed onto paper.
We create them with tradition, beauty and natural materials.
We don’t use any toxins or solvents and everything is vegan.

Easy to Hang

We wanted our wallpaper to be different.
Rather than coming in rolls that need to be cut and patterns that need to be matched, ours arrive in handy sheets that perfectly fit together.
We’ll send you exact instructions on how to hang them as well as a free brush and glue!

Transform your living space and take it to new heights!

We’re dedicated to providing artful and easy-to-install wallpaper solutions to our customers to transform their living space. Elevate your home with paper-made designs that are inspired by true Italian culture with our hand-printed wallpaper. We’ve curated a product that is competitively-priced, sustainable, and beautifully-designed, so you can receive the highest-quality Italian wallpaper on the market.