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Covering cardboard boxes: find out the best ideas here now!

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Are you looking for ideas for covering cardboard boxes? Then, you're in the right place!

Such a simple object can become fabulous with a bit of creativity. After all, we all have boxes at home, so why not make them into special gift boxes? Read on to find out how to make...

How to decorate a cardboard box

Even for those unfamiliar with decoupage, the following ideas are easy to implement, with incredible results.

Covering cardboard boxes: try fabric

First, let's start with the base: what box to use? Even a shoe box is fine for making a container for jewelry, makeup, sewing accessories, or any other object.


  • Box
  • Brush
  • Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Vinyl glue


Cut the fabric so that it covers the outer and inner sides. How to calculate the right size? It's easier than you think! Measure the height of the box, multiply by 2, and add 1 cm. Place the container in the center of the piece of fabric, add the measurement of the 4 sides you just calculated, and cut out a rectangle.

Mark the corners of the bottom of the box and cut out the 4 corresponding rectangles, leaving 1 cm of excess. With your brush, run thinned glue over the bottom slightly, in the center of the fabric where you marked the edges. Flatten the fabric to eliminate air bubbles and make it adhere well to the box.

Now devote yourself to the short sides: brush them with glue on both the inside and outside. Next, adhere the fabric on the outside and inside (you must cover the bottom). Finally, cover the inside and outside edges by folding over the 1 cm margin you had left.

Now it's the turn of the long sides: glue the 1 cm margin by folding it over the fabric. Next, run glue over the inner and outer long sides and cover them as you did the short sides.

Cut out a rectangle the size of the inside bottom, with an overlap of always 1 cm. Fold and glue the edge to the fabric and the rectangle to the bottom. Do the same thing with the lid.

Use paper

How to line a shoe box with paper? Much easier to make than the previous idea. You need some paper and vinyl glue. You can choose one of our designs and buy the half set since a whole box would be too much.


  • 1 box
  • Wallpaper
  • Vinyl glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Dressmaker's tape measure


Measure how much paper you need, then cut separate sheets for the box and lid. Turn the sheet of paper inside out, on the side where the design is not, and place the container on its side in the center of the sheet. Wrap the paper around the box, go over the edges, and put glue on.

Turn the box over so that the bottom is facing you. Fold over the excess paper, including corners, before securing it with glue.


Turn the lid inside out, place it in the center of the paper on the longer side, wrap it around, and fold the excess paper inside. Put glue along the edge to the corner. Now cut the paper where the corner of the box is and do the same thing on the opposite side. When finished, rotate the lid, so the narrower side faces you.

Fold as if it were a flap at the end of the paper and cut off the top of the corners. Next, fold the excess paper over the top edge and the flap inside the lid. Finally, secure the borders with glue and do the same thing on the other side.

There, now it is covered with wallpaper! Next, you can decorate the box with bows, ribbons, rosettes, or other decorations.

How to coat wood

How do you coat a wooden box? First, it is good to understand what kind of wood it is. Then, if lacquered or laminated, you need to sand it first. Then you can use our glue.

Chipboard and wood fiber have uneven surfaces but cannot be sanded, so better prepare an extra glue base before laying it down. Plywood you can treat as if it were a wall.

Here are our instructions. You'll need them to understand how to lay paper on wood. You can take a cue from the previous tips to figure out how to cut out the paper to cover the box and lid.

How to coat a styrofoam box

Again, making a base first to make the paper adhere well is good. Spread a layer of glue, then follow the instructions.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for covering cardboard boxes. Keep following us for many more tips!

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