Wall cleaning machine: an effective solution for perfect walls

Wall cleaning machine: an effective solution for perfect walls - Wallpapers4Beginners
Wall cleaning machine: if you are looking for this, you are just in the right place. Keeping the walls of your home clean and mold-free is essential for a healthy and welcoming environment. It is not just a matter of aesthetics: mold can be dangerous to health, especially for those with respiratory disorders.

There are various methods to remove these annoying organisms. One of the most effective is undoubtedly the steam cleaner. Read on to learn more...

Steam cleaning: tool for cleaning walls

A steamer is a household appliance that uses the power of steam to clean and sanitize any surface. There is a tank where water is heated to a high temperature and thus generates high-pressure steam. The steam can remove the most stubborn dirt, including mold.

If you have a very damp house, the fastest and cheapest solution is to apply our breathable wallpaper, which gets rid of unsightly stains once and for all.

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Killing mold spores

At what temperature does mold die? It is only from 70 degrees Celsius and up that the spores begin to die. That is why using steam to clean is very useful. After all, steam can reach high temperatures, between 120 and 150 degrees.

Steam cleaning opinions

Testimonials about this are generally positive. By now, you understand what kills mold: the combined action of high temperature, cleaning, and disinfection. Can you see the value of this? It is an environmentally friendly remedy that does not involve harsh chemicals.

Cleaning walls with baking soda

Baking soda is another popular method to combat mold, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. We refer you to our article on cleaning walls with baking soda to learn how to use it.

Does bleach kill mold spores?

As a disinfectant, it is perfect for cleaning, but while steam kills mold, and spores, using sodium hypochlorite can grow again if the root of the moisture problem is not solved. There's more: it can harm health and damage delicate surfaces.


Wall cleaning machine: eliminate mold from walls permanently

What prevents mold from reappearing? You need to identify and solve the cause of the dampness. In addition to using the steamer to remove mold from the wall, ensure that the walls are adequately insulated and that no water infiltration or structural problems encourage condensation. Only in this way you will get rid of this invasive microorganism.

Or apply our wallpaper. Since it is made of real paper, it allows the wall to breathe and prevents new mold from forming.

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How to clean the wall before applying our wallpaper

Laying wallpaper perfectly starts with the wall, so ensure it is in perfect condition. Walls should be clean, dry, and as smooth as possible. Remove old wallpaper, stains, and anything that might affect the surface, such as polish or grease.

If moisture or mold is present, you must fix the problem before laying the wallpaper. Excess humidity can affect the laying process and will not give you a beautiful finish.

For a smoother overall look, ensure the wall is uniform before you start laying. Different colors will give a different look.

Depending on the overall look you are going for, an uneven wall may show under the paper. If the wall is very uneven, it is best to shave it before laying the paper.

If you want to use a primer, check that it is precisely for paper and completely dry before laying the wallpaper. Otherwise, it will damage it.

Are you laying on drywall, unpainted plaster, or washable paint? Then making a base with a primer or this product is essential. Then you can follow our instructions.

If the wall is painted regularly, proceed normally with our instructions.

How to prepare the wall

We recommend using sandpaper to smooth out imperfections and cement plaster to fill any holes or cavities. Remove carpet from walls if present by steam or with a cloth soaked in water diluted with solvent.

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For our wallpaper, we draw inspiration from both its 12th-century origins and contemporary design. Each one is a unique concept, carefully hand-drawn by us before being printed on paper. We create it with a keen eye for tradition, beauty, and natural materials.

Easy to lay

We wanted our wallpaper to be different from others. It is not made in heavy rolls that need to be cut and with complicated patterns to match, but in practical lightweight sheets that combine perfectly. Everyone can use our wallpaper. You do not need to have experience in laying it. You need some manual dexterity. Be patient, follow the instructions precisely and you will do a great job. We will even give you glue and a brush as a gift!

100% sustainable

Our wallpaper is 100% safe. The entire production process is sustainable, and the final product is disposable and recyclable. Our themes are printed on real sheets of paper with vegan and water-based inks without using solvents. The prints are odorless and can be used safely at home. Even our glue is non-toxic, vegan, and derived from potatoes.

We were inspired by the oldest wallpaper tradition dating back to the 12th century when Europe began importing rice paper from China. Today, it is again possible to print wallpaper on real sheets of paper using modern printers and lighter paper.

Here is the philosophy of Wallpapers 4 Beginners: to promote a production process that cares about the health of its customers and the protection of the environment with a product that is very easy to lay, even for beginners.

We have come to the end of our article devoted to the wall cleaning machine. As you may have guessed, it's a good and natural way to get rid of mold and keep your house tidy. And once removed, apply our wallpaper. Since it is made of real paper, it allows the wall to breathe and prevents new mold from forming.

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